Hi there, and welcome to my personal website!

I am Simon D’haenens, PhD and in this little corner of the internet, you will mostly find information about me and what I’m interested in, but also what I’ve worked on before, and what I’m currently working on.

I’ve always been fascinated by our planet and all the wondrous creatures it supports. As a former paleoceanographer I’m particularly fond of Foraminifera, a group of microscopic unicellular organisms that either live at the ocean surface as plankton, or on the seafloor as benthos. Foraminifera, or “forams”, are incredibly diverse and their beautiful, intricate calcite shells called tests are used by scientists all over the world to study evolution, to accurately date sediments or to unravel the secrets of our oceans and climate of the past.

During my time as a researcher at KU Leuven (Belgium) and Yale University (USA) – and even now as a staff officer at Hasselt University – I’ve had the privilige of traveling the globe and meet great people. In an effort to share this privilige, I’ve selected some photos of places I’ll never forget here.

I hope you’ll enjoy,