Deep-sea drilling – the International Ocean Discovery Project (IODP)

Below you’ll find various links related to the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP), a program which I had the joy to be involved in as a researcher (e.g. Leg 342).

Foraminifera, other microfossils and their applications

Here you’ll find some information on foraminifera and other microfossil groups. At the moment, most links refer to professional websites i.e. websites used by professional micropaleontologists and researchers. I’ll be adding more general information and links in the near future.

Climate change, extreme weather and (Ant)arctic sea ice

As a paleocenagrapher and a concerned citizen, I’m obviously worried about our current climate and the effects man-made global climate change has on our oceans, on our local, regional and global weather and on our global climate. I start off this list with some fairly easy-reading on all things extreme weather/climate. Further down the list, more links with regards the Arctic Sea and Antarctica are listed. These are the most vulnerable areas with respect to climate change, and they are considered as Earth’s thermometer. Because climate change affects high-latitude regions most, the (Ant)arctic regions are prime locations to monitor the effects of global climate change. Even further down the list, more specific information (e.g. CO2 levels, IPCC reports) can be found.

Belgian Universities (Earth Sciences), Institutions and Organizations

As a Belgian citizen and an alumnus of KU Leuven, I support all the hard work Belgian Earth scientists are doing abroad, but also at home.  The list below is intended to promote our universities, our Earth Science departments and the people working there. Having spent some time in all three universities as a (PhD) student, I can genuinly say I loved my time in all groups. Even though Belgium is a small country, the RBINS and the VLIZ are world-renowned, so they obviously deserved a shout-out here, too. Not to mention our National Research Base on the Antarctic continent, the Princess Elizabeth Base. Finally, I’m listing a couple of volunteer-driven organizations that are doing great work for nature conservation, responsible fossil-hunting (a basic requirement for a passionate paleontologist). Last, but certainly not least, is a link for Klimaatzaak, one of the first organizations in the world to sue its national policymakers for negligence in the battle against climate change.


Blogs I enjoy


It doesn’t have to be sciency-serious all the time. Here’s a couple of comics I thoroughly enjoy. Apologies for my geeky sense of humor. 😉